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Service Outlines, Streamlined (Post 2: Music and Readings)

This is the second post in my Google Spreadsheets Service Outline series. Please make sure that you've read the first post first (Service Outlines, Streamlined (Post 1: The Spreadsheet), or else you're gonna be confused!

So now that you've gotten comfortable with the mechanics of the Service Outline itself, it's time for the real ikar of this spreadsheet: music/reading organization. Remember those "slots" we talked about in the first post? The ones that are populated with all the yummy options you're going to choose from to give your congregation just the right version of the prayer? Here's how to populate them.

Let's open the spreadsheet again and click to the second page, labeled Master Music Doc. It should look something like this:

The columns in this document (aside from the first one) each correspond to one of the "slots" in our outline. Anything that you put in the column will show up in your drop-down menu for that slot.

The information I've chosen to add for readings is [Page Number in Siddur (or "Daf" if it isn't in the siddur] - [First Three Words]. Easy peasy.

For music, I have a more complex system: [Page Number in Siddur (or "Daf" if it isn't in the siddur] - [Song Title] - [Composer] - [Checkbox/No JL (no JLicense reporting needed)], [Book and page number for music], [JLicense #]. The best thing is that if you don't read music, you can also make the whole thing into a link to an audio file or YouTube video for your reference. Just click on the box where your info is, and go up to the "link" button to add it.

When you go to this week's spreadsheet and open the drop-down menu, you'll see all your choices, like this.

That way, you just populate your outline the way you want and go on with your day. When your outline is finished, you can resize the columns to fit all the data and then print it out so you can see everything. Whenever you need to do your JLicense reporting, you just go back to the outline and type in the numbers.

Would love to hear feedback on this!

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