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The Omer Workbook

An email just dropped in my inbox about a new product from Gold Herring (makers of The Jewish Planner). It's called The Omer Workbook, and if you're like me, you're always looking for cool ways to make Jewish life relevant AND not skimp on the self-care.

It looks like this is a colorful (like) daily (like) journal (like) that has a variety of prompts and texts (like). But the thing I LOVE about it is that they're donating some of the proceeds to Trans Lifeline. A company that makes beautiful, spiritual Judaica that also puts their money where their morals are?

*mashes the BUY button repeatedly*

So yes, I am shilling for this journal sight-unseen, but you should join me. I love supporting creative experiential Jewish educators in their work, and this looks like something that could be great for habitual journalers like me.

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